We are in the fortieth century. This world is called Paperica. In this place everybody can create their own world. Everybody has got a box given by the parliament of the country. This box is very special because it creates your world.

We create our world with passion and love. The box which we have created is called New Yellork.

In New Yellork you can find your inner peace. There are different, magical creatures which are very peaceful. The city is made of marshmallow. The clouds are like pillows but they are made of candy floss and the buildings are made of Oreo biscuits. Also the streets are made of TUC biscuits.

Our forest is made only of Belgian chocolate. There are rivers made of white chocolate. The city president is Buble Bama and his enemy is Trumpfilo.

If you want to know more about our city, you must buy a magical box to find out more information.

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