Today, November 8th 2216 , I have a busy day…

I want to visit my grand-grandchildren, to go to the hospital for a consultation and after that I want to go to a party.

In the morning my robot cooked some pancakes for breakfast. They were delicious. I called for a floating taxi to take me to my grand-grandchildren’s house. My grand-grandchildren live on the Rubik planet where children can grow up in peace and harmony. In my way to Rubik planet I see my old planet, Earth, which is now the landfill of the Galaxy and at the same time The Jail.

Earth was the perfect place for life but humans destroyed it. Now it is no longer The Blue Planet but it is The Grey Planet.

I arrive at Rubik planet and see my grand-grandchildren and hand them my gifts: a laser snake, flying robots, a speaking rock, dancing plants and a real puppy. The puppy has the greatest success.

The meeting is great because we haven’t met for a long time. But it is short because I have to go to Health Planet where my robot doctor is waiting for me.

I get to Health Planet and the robot doctor discovers I have lung cancer but it is not a problem as nowadays all the human organs can be changed in a couple of minutes, except the brain. The robot doctor opens my chest and changes my lungs without any pain or blood. Nowadays people rarely die, because of the very advanced medicine. In conclusion , 100 billion people live on different planets.

Because of the medical treatment I feel like a 25-year-old man.

After the medical consultation I have to get to the Music Planet where there is a party for young people like me. The parties are safe because there are no drugs and guns any more. The Music Planet is the number one energy source of the Galaxy, because of the energy of dancing people, as dancing transfers energy to all the planets. It is also a lot of fun.

This is how my Future looks like. In my Future there is no place for wars, guns, drugs, violence and disease.


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